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Carlito Jose Desacola
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Our Philosophy

Winthrop Mason Lawyers aims to provide high quality legal services with honesty, integrity and professionalism. 


So what does this really mean for you as our client?


We will work very hard to meet your needs – and even strive to exceed your expectations in doing so – but it is also important for you to understand that we will not always achieve these objectives.  As lawyers, we do have specialised expertise but we also have our shortcomings and limitations.  We are, after all, only human and can make mistakes just like everybody else.


It is for this reason that you will never see us describe ourselves with such superlatives as “dynamic”, “exceptional”, “innovative”, “strategic” or “forward-thinking”. These words make for great marketing, but the simple truth is that we do not possess these superhuman qualities.



The only quality you ever really need in a lawyer is competence.



We do not consider ourselves to be “superior” to our peers (though we will happily describe ourselves to be “different” in some respects).  Nor will we ever suggest that our law firm can serve you in ways that no other law firm can, because the simple fact is that there are many, many other good lawyers out there and they too can solve your legal problems just as well as we can.  We would not be honest with you – or indeed ourselves – if we suggested otherwise.


And rather than blow our own trumpet, we will instead let the results of our actions speak for themselves.  Our valued clients, and our respected peers, will be the ultimate judges of how well we have provided our legal services.


While we will aim for 100% client satisfaction rate, we are mindful that we will not succeed with this.  At the time of writing, we are fortunate to have received no expressions of dissatisfaction to date, but this is really only because we are a young firm.  It will happen.  The law of probabilities will eventually catch up with us – either because we have been remiss in something (which can occur from time to time particularly in a busy legal practice) or because simply you just can’t please everybody.


To help track our performance, we have committed to publishing all of our testimonials on our website.  You will see both “good” and “bad” testimonials for the sake of absolute transparency (though obviously we hope to display a lot more of the former!).


We are well aware that displaying unfavourable reviews is highly unconventional and does present significant reputational risks.  But we are also confident enough in our own abilities, and in the strength of the relationships we form with our clients, to have faith that things will work out quite well for us overall.


The lifeblood of our firm is word-of-mouth referrals and repeat business from satisfied clients.  This will only continue to exist for as long as we deliver on our promise….most of the time!