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Why Choose Us

And why our clients continue to seek us...

With so many other lawyers out there – there are literally thousands to choose from – you are well entitled to ask:  Why should I choose your firm?


We do not suggest that we are superior in any way, but we can offer 3 main reasons why we think Winthrop Mason Lawyers is worth your due consideration:


1.   Personalised service.


We offer a highly personalised service to our clients.


Unlike the typical law firm which is only accessible during 8am to 5pm from Monday to Friday, we are happy to be contacted after hours, on weekends and during public holidays.


We recognise that legal issues don’t just crop up during normal business hours – they can happen anytime and usually when you least expect it.  For this reason, we make ourselves available to assist you 24/7 whenever you need us.


In many instances, we are also happy to meet you at a venue of your choice, including your own home, if that is going to be more convenient for you.



2.   Pricing arrangements.


We have highly flexible pricing options to suit every client.


Our fees may not be the cheapest in the marketplace, but they are also not the most expensive.  We charge only what we consider to be a fair and appropriate amount for the services we provide (all agreed with you beforehand), and what is necessary to enable us to appropriately remunerate our people for the good work that they do for our clients.


Nevertheless, we do appreciate that accessing legal services can be quite burdensome for many people, so we have developed a range of pricing structures to ensure that our services are easily affordable by all of our clients:


  • Deferred fees.  We can defer payment of our fees until the conclusion of a matter so there is no immediate expenditure for you;


  • Monthly billing.  We can agree to bill on a regular (say monthly) basis to ease the burden of having to pay a single lump sum;


  • No win, no pay.  We can agree to only charge if we win in court or successfully negotiate a settlement payout from another party, so the financial risks for you are reduced;


  • Fixed fees.  We can agree on a fixed fee for a particular matter, so you know exactly how much you are up for regardless of what happens with your case;


  • Capped fees.  We can agree to set a limit on the maximum amount of fees that can be charged on a matter, so you don’t end up owing more money in legal fees than you recover in a settlement payout.


  • Hourly rates.  We can agree to charge an hourly rate – this is more appropriate for more extremely complicated, high value matters.


We find that, particularly for non-litigated matters, many of our clients opt for a fixed fee arrangement. This makes perfect sense as it removes the risk – at least for our clients – that

legal costs end up blowing out of proportions if a matter becomes more complicated, or takes longer, than expected.  We basically assume that risk for you.



3.   Legal expertise.


We have over 14 years of practical legal experience.


We have worked in private practice for national law firms as well as in-house corporate lawyers for large financial institutions operating such businesses as banking, funds management, financial planning, insurance, stock broking, and an investment research house,


We therefore have a well-rounded understanding of the industries in which we provide advice on, based on our experience both as inside and outside participants in those industries.


We understand those industries because we have been part of those industries.